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Clinic Policy and Rules

Dear customers. Before booking your appointment, please read Clinic Policy and Rules, as it contains important information.


Our clinic policy and rules:
- Office address: 2151 Portage ave., Winnipeg

- Parking: Side-streets - 2 hours for free (Meta Store parking lot is not available)


- Self-service: Clients book appointments online by themselves, using the booking link. Appointment is considered booked just after the confirmation email from the clinic.
If there is a need to:
         "Cancel" (not less than 48 hours before the appointment)
         "Add to calendar"
Then clients do it online by themselves, using the coincide buttons at their appointment confirmation emails.


- Late cancellation: "No shows" and cancellations less than 48 hours prior to the appointment is a matter of 100% cancellation service fee, which is due to pay before the next appointment.


- Confirmation of attendance: Clients should confirm their attendance by answering the reminder email 3 days before the appointment date. Otherwise, the clinic can cancel the appointment with no warning, as unconfirmed. 


- Direct contact with the client: There is just direct contact with the client possible with no representatives unless the client is younger than 16 y.o., or disabled.


- Mandatory intake form: New clients should fill out and electronically sign the intake form before the appointment (use the blue button "COMPLETE INTAKE FORM" in your confirmation email). Otherwise, you would be required to fill out the intake form during your appointment time. Regular clients are required to re-fill the intake form once a year.


- Locked door: if the front door is locked, please don't worry and wait until your appointment time, and then text 2046982997.


-Add to calendar: it is highly recommended to use the "Add to calendar" option in your confirmation emails to be sure you won't forget the date of your appointment. Please be advised, that to keep in mind the date of your appointment is the client's responsibility and no show will lead to 100% service fee.

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