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Name:  Dmitry Vasilyev
Date of birth:  30 Sept 1973

Phone:  +1(204) 698 – 2997


Professional credentials: DOMP, RMO, C.Nap, MD(Russia), PhD (Russia), DO (Spain), DN (US)





2000 - 2004 - PhD (Cand.Med.) in Rehabilitation Science, Russian State Medical University, Moscow, Russia

Thesis:  Morphological-functional components in determining the state of the organism. 


1997 - 1998 – Physician (Pediatric) Internship, Russian Children’s Hospital, Moscow, Russia. 


1991 - 1997  – Doctor of Medicine, Russian State Medical University, Moscow, Russia.  Qualification:  Pediatrics.

(!!! Necessary explanation:

Please follow the University link to find a specialty and course description, because in some sense it's unique and it's not a traditional degree. For a number of reasons, maybe because the University I learned, is one of the first Medical Universities in the World where the Pediatric Faculty was created in 1930, the 6 years MD program in Pediatrics is actually training the specialists who are awarded the qualification of "Pediatrician of General Practice", which means they can work as well in the general medicine field with adults.


Course Practices:

After the 1st course – Assistant of nurses;

After the 2nd course – Assistant of a ward nurse;

After the 3rd course – Assistant of a procedural nurse;

After the 4th course – Doctor's assistant;

After the 5th course – Professional skills of a physician outpatient clinics, including skills research)


Post Graduate Education and Training


2021-2022 - Doctorate: Doctor of Naprapathy (bridge program), National University of Medical Sciences,  USA


  1. pr.time - Certificate: Somatic Stress Release™ practitioner certification program. Embody Lab, USA


2021 - pr.time - Diploma: Remedial Massage Therapy.  Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies. - Winnipeg, Canada


2021 - pr.time -  Certificate: Psychosomatic Therapy Training. Psychosomatic Therapy College (International Association of Psychosomatic Therapy), Australia


2021 - pr.time -  Certificate: Psychosomatic therapist. Wholistic Health Training & Research Centre. Edmonton, Canada


2021 - pr.time - Diploma: Therapist - Counselor. Psychosomatic and Body Psychotherapy. National Academy of Continuing Professional Education, Moscow, Russia.


2019-2020  -  Doctorate: Doctor of Osteopathy (bridge program), National University of Medical Sciences,  Madrid, Spain.


2017 - 2018 - Diploma: Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, National Academy of Osteopathy, Toronto,Canada.


2017 - Diploma: General Practice and Family Medicine, Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute, Moscow, Russia.


2016 - 2017 – Certificate:  Body Oriented (Somatic) Psychotherapy, Institute of Practical Psychology “Imaton”, Moscow Institute of Body Oriented Psychotherapy, Moscow, Russia.


2016 - 2017 - Diploma: Psychology, International Academy of Examination and Assessment, Moscow, Russia.


2012-2013 - Diploma: Manual Therapy, Ivanovo State Medical Academy, Ivanovo, Russia.

2007 - Diploma: Rehabilitation Medicine, Federal Medical - Biological Agency of Russia, Moscow, Russia.


2000 - Diploma: Physiotherapy and Sport Medicine - Russian State Medical University, Department of Sports and Rehabilitation Medicine, Moscow, Russia.


Work Experience


2018 - present - Manual Osteopath, Founder and Proprietor, Manual Osteopathy Manitoba Rehabilitation Clinic, Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Practical focus: Assessment and manual treatment of the musculoskeletal dysfunctions, Psychosomatic approach in Osteopathy, emotional release techniques in osteopathic treatment of stress-indicated conditions, biodynamic and bioenergetic mechanisms, psycho-intuitive approach.


2015 - 2017 - General Practitioner, Hippocrates Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, Moscow, Russia. 

Practical focus and scientific interests: Body-oriented (Somatic) psychotherapy aspects of Manual Therapy and Physical Rehabilitation


2015 -2016 Lecturer and instructor for classic massage courses at the Medical Training Center at Yaroslavl State Medical University, Moscow, Russia


2013 - 2016 - Physiotherapist and chiropractor, “Kinesis” Centre for Therapeutic Movement and Rehabilitation, Russia.

Practical focus and scientific interests: Clinical work and scientific research for scoliosis correction, using non-invasive modalities of neuro-activation, mechanotherapy, manual therapy, psychosomathic and body-oriented therapy.


2012 - 2013 – Physiotherapist of Ivanovo Regional Clinical Center of Medical Rehabilitation.

Practical focus and scientific interests: diagnostic criteria for monitoring the health status and effectiveness of rehabilitation of patients involved in physiotherapy and physical culture.


2010 - 2011- First Deputy Chief Physician of the Central District Hospital in Luh (Ivanovo region), Russia.


2010-2011  Natural Medicine and Psychosomatic Rehabilitation Country Centre - Founder and Proprietor

Practical focus and scientific interests: study of rehabilitation possibilities through natural environmental means to counteract chronic social stress.


2008 - 2010 – Senior Researcher, MD and Physiotherapist, Department of Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine.  Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Scientific Centre for Children’s Health, Research Institute for Preventative Pediatrics and Rehabilitation Medicine, Moscow, Russia.


Practical focus and scientific interests:

Pathogenetic bases of physical rehabilitation of psychophysical abnormalities (overloads) in the training process of young athletes.

Pathogenetic basis of physical rehabilitation of adaptation disorders caused by stress (F43-Reaction to severe stress and adaptation disorders) in patients with various pathologies.

The impact of chronic stress on the biological age of patients

Stress rehabilitation through biofeedback techniques


2005 - 2008 – MD, Medical Head  of Physiotherapy Department, City Hospital of Moscow.  Responsibilities:  Administration and guidance of the hospital
Physiotherapy Department.

Practical focus and scientific interests: diagnostic and clinical significance of super-weak electromagnetic radiation and self-fields of biological objects


1998 - 2005 – Rehabilitation and Research Associate.  Russian State Medical University, Rehabilitation Department.

Responsibilities: Coordinator of scientific research and projects, practicing doctor, medical consultant, physiotherapist, mind- body therapist, instructor and practitioner in medical rehabilitation programs. 

Practical focus and scientific interests: evidence-based determinants in the definition of the morpho-psycho-physical state of health of individual subjects.


1998-1999 - Research Associate - All-Russian Center for Cystic Fibrosis of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia.

Scientific interests: studying the effects of physical rehabilitation in children with cystic fibrosis.





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- More than 20 years of experience in General Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Osteopathy, Manual therapy, Psychosomatic and Body Psychotherapy.


- Competence in conducting clinical research on large databases, synthesizing reviews, statistical analysis, planning, designing, implementing and evaluating research, and assisting with manuscript and grant request preparation


- Proponent of eclectic scientific approach on the verge of synthesis of science, business, economics, philosophy, psychology, global trends, and electromagnetic fields


- Skilled in recruiting research subjects, patient engagement, population screening examinations, electro-physiology testing, computer diagnostic programs, psychological tests, statistical programs, polygraphic programs etc.


- Hands-on body work experience in treatment, rehabilitation and wellness patients with various of different physical therapy, psychotherapy and psychosomatic therapy approaches and techniques


- Thorough knowledge of laboratory techniques, analysis and interpretation of data and comfortable with presenting research results during lab meetings and at conferences


- Dynamic and flexible management of research activities, within the designated research parameters, based on the ongoing evaluation of collected data

 - Proficient at incorporating new scientific knowledge and innovative improvements into ongoing and future research.

- Experience in a wide variety of physiotherapy modalities, magnetotherapy, electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, laser therapy, shockwave therapy, thermo-cryo-therapy, ultra-violet and infrared therapy, biofeedback therapy and natural therapies such as sun deck, water procedures and balneology, etc


- Schroth therap y- method of non-surgical three dimensional physical therapy for scoliosis at Asklepios Katharina-Schroth-Klinik (Germany, Bad Sobernheim)


- Experience in market research and making purchasing recommendations for most suitable research equipment for specific research


 - Experience of teaching in various institutions: discipline - medical massage therapy, traditional alternative healing systems


- Proficient PC user, presentations, processing and documentation (internet, email, web-browsers and online services, word, excel, access, power point, illustrator, movie maker, psychological tests, electro-physiological programs, statistical programs, polygraphic programs etc.)


- Principle researcher and author of several scientific articles and publications



Awards/ Achievements


  • 2002 – Ranked 3 Place Award  of the First Inter-University Scientific Conference "Actual problems of the Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy and Balneology"

  • 2004 - Government Award (Moscow) given to a young scientist doing research in Medicine. This award was given for research into morphological-functional components in determining the state of the organism. (could be translated with )

  • 2005 – Patent for diagnostic method of differentiating morpho-functional parameters in determining the state of an organism.



- CRMO (College of Registered Manual Osteopaths),

License number RMO-018

- Manitoba Osteopathic Association,

Membership number: MOA004

- The Canadian Alliance of Alternative Medicine (ACMA),

Membership number: ACMA 18-122

- Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (Professional membership) - Member Number : 10009903

- International College of Psychosomatic Medicine - Membership

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