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April 23 is the last working day for our clinic


I really appreciate each and all of you for being my clients all these years and for our mutual contribution to the socially healthy lifestyle.  


After April 23 our clinic will be closed at least for 2 years Because I want to take my last chance to be a Doctor again in Canada and I was enrolled in the Naturopathic Doctor course in Toronto


Because I wouldn't be able to work during this intense full-time 2 years accelerated program, I am looking for any financial support for myself and my family. I have found financing for most of my tuition, but it's still not enough because I should provide all our family of 5 with housing, food, cloth, education, transportation, etc.


I have created the fundraiser on GoFundMe. So any $1 would be a great help and really appreciated. Thank you again.


If you want to donate, please follow the link (or you can text me and I will send the link for you):


Please share it with your friends or colleagues if you want OR just wish me Good Luck)))))

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