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Hello. Welcome. Glad to meet you here.

1. If you have never heard about Osteopathy, its not easy to "put it in two words" or explain it . Osteopathy is an alternative medicine approach to the body as a holistic system, where all elements are connected and interdependent through the basic physiological levels: 
- musculoskeletal (biomechanical),
-  respiratory (circulatory),
- neurological,
- metabolic (bioenergetic),
- behavioral (psychological)
If you need more info, please search the information you interested (as an example:

2. Please be advised, that you schedule your appointment sufficiently in advance. Depends on the season there is a waiting list approximately 2-8 weeks. So please be forethought.

3. There is a significant difference between:
- Osteopath (it is a Doctor, graduated from US Osteopathic Medical School, DO title is protected)  
Osteopathic Manual Practitioner (it is a practitioner, authorized to provide an osteopathic treatment only (such an osteoarticular mobilization, muscle energy technique, soft tissue technique, visceral OMT, craniosacral OMT, some other techniques), but not to make some medical acts such (not diagnose, not prescribe medicine, not reading x-rays, not do surgery, etc), because with acts are protected by law.
Because manual osteopath is not allowed to diagnose and make medical prescriptions and another protected acts, if you are in acute pain, and you are really sick or have the unclear condition,  it's better to visit your MD for a check-up first. If there are no contraindications for osteopathic treatment, you are more than welcome to book an appointment.

4. If you are most concerned, if you will be covered with your insurance or not, please check it beforehand with your insurer (provider credentials will be provided under request). However, if you are seriously interested to maintain your health, using osteopathy as one of the preventive approaches, the insurance coverage won`t play a big part, as they usually cover just 300-500CAD(2-6 sessions per year), which unlikely make a serious contribution to changing your condition. 

5. Osteopathy does not make miracles. It could make things better softly and slowly in your body, according to the previous health condition in the last years, and your current lifestyle effort. So please do not expect quick changes. Also, there are can't be any guarantees in any individual cases.
6. Clients often ask recommendations about how often should they visit an osteopathic practitioner. There are some general guidelines to attend osteopathic treatments once per 2-3 weeks to maintain optimal condition,  but honestly, it's all about your intuition. In general, your body will prompt you when you really need a follow-up visit. Life is not flat. Sometimes we have stressful periods and need to have more care about ourselves, sometimes there is a period of relaxation and we prefer to focus on the wellness aspect of osteopathy, sometimes its a routine - and steady, regular sessions would be the optimal decision. So I would say, to listen to yourself carefully - is the best approach. 


It would be a great honor to have you as a client. So happy that you care about your Heath.


1. Manual osteopathy session price list:


15 min: 36,5 CAD (36,5 CAD no discount), including GST 5%.

30 min: 73,5 CAD (63 CAD with discount),  including GST 5%.

60 min: 147 CAD (105 CAD with discount),  including GST 5%.

90 min: 220,5 CAD (157,5 CAD with discount),  including GST 5%.


2. Home Call osteopathic treatment (Winnipeg) - 157,5CAD per 1-hour session

* Mobile sessions are available just under request and after approval, and mostly for the patients who have difficulties or too busy to come at an office location.

3. Off-Hours Osteopathic Care (Winnipeg) - 157,5 CAD per 1-hour session

* If you are in need of osteopathic treatment asap and have an emergency issue (don`t confuse it with the medical emergency condition, which is a matter of MD), you can try to request "Off-Hours Osteopathic Care". Depending on the circumstances, your inquiry will be considered. Scheduling is not guaranteed in that kind of service.

The session is usually 1 hour (it could be varied 45-75 minutes depends on the situation).

Credentials and Associations membership numbers:

Dmitry Vasilyev - osteopathic manual practitioner (title DOMP), RMO

- Registered Manual Osteopath, member of CRMO (College of Registered Manual Osteopaths).
License number: RMO-018

- Manitoba Osteopathic Association

- Alliance Canadienne de Médecine Alternative, The Canadian Alliance of Alternative Medicine (ACMA)
ACMA 18-122

Business Address:

161 Stafford St (office 207), Winnipeg, MB R3M 2V8



You will receive a receipt after the procedure, which you could claim for your insurance company


Insurance coverage:

You will be provided with receipts that you can claim to your insurance company after the appointment, but please be sure you checked if you will be covered with your insurance plan before booking the appointment.

CANADA LIFE - do not cover our service. In Manitoba, Canada Life only covers Doctors of Osteopathy (members of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba) who are Medical Doctors, and osteopathic manual practitioners - members of NMOS association (NMOS is not accepting new members from the National  Academy of Osteopathy alumni more than three years already). 

- MB Blue Cross (provider# 33657)


CRMO Approvals:
Johnston Group
Equitable Life of Canada
Wilkins & Associates Ltd.
Empire Life

MOA Approvals:


Sirius Health Solutions 
Chambers of Commerce 
Johnston Group 
Coughlin & Associates
Equitable Life




ACMA Approvals:
Industrial Alliance (IA)

Empire life




Your appointment has been reserved especially for you, however, if you need to cancel your appointment, out of respect for your therapist and your fellow patients, we ask that you provide the clinic with at least 48 hours advance notice. Cancellations with less than 48 hours’ notice are subjected to a charge of 100% of the fee for the service scheduled. If you do not attend a scheduled appointment and do not contact by call (text, email) to cancel or reschedule ("no show"), you will be charged 100% service fee. Be advised that the appointment is considered cancelled only after the provider's response and confirmation, and it is your responsibility to contact the provider properly in order to receive the confirmation for the appointment cancellation.

You can cancel your appointment by text, e-mail 48 hours prior to your treatment. Failing this 48-hour-cancellation notice may result in a full treatment fee. Missed appointments without notice will be charged the full treatment price. This fee is to be paid prior to your next scheduled appointment. Consideration will be given upon circumstances.