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How to find an invoice, and receipt after the clinic software update. 

Self-Service Tips

Dear clients. After the clinic software updates, looks like the way you access your invoice, and receipt has a little bit changed and some clients are feeling the different kinds of challenges accessing it. I decided to went through the whole process myself and create some kind of helpful tutorial for the clients to make that process comfortable again.  Please see the information below. 

found it 2.jpg

Step-by-step instructions

In order to find your invoice or receipt you should go to your email and:

- Check your inbox and SPAM folder

The email your search should have a sender name "An invoice (or receipt) from Natural Health Holistic Rehabilitation Clinic "Valeology"

After you opened this email, you should choose "View Invoice (or receipt)"

Important: When you just have chosen this "View Invoice" your invoice could be already automatically downloaded to your files, or you would be offered to Download this file (depending on the model or system of your device) 

In order to find the downloaded invoice (receipt) please follow to your File Manager, next to your Downloads folder,  choose the last downloaded file, and open it. It should be your Invoice (receipt). 

Here are the screenshots of the whole process:

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