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The treatment session time is usually around 1 hour or 30 mins (it could be varied at the discretion of the practitioner depending on the situation).




You will receive a receipt after the procedure, which you could claim for your insurance company

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Price list

for osteopathic treatment

1. Manual osteopathy treatment session price list:
- 25 min appointment: 80 CAD,  including GST 5%.
- 55 min appointment: 147 CAD (126 CAD with discount),  including GST 5%.

​2. Home Call osteopathic treatment (Winnipeg) - 157,5CAD per 1-hour session
* Mobile sessions are available just under request and after approval, and mostly for the patients who have mobility difficulties. Booking is not guaranteed for that kind of service.

3. Off-Hours Osteopathic Care (Winnipeg) - 157,5 CAD per 1-hour session
* If you are in need of osteopathic treatment asap and have an emergency issue (don`t confuse it with the medical emergency condition, which is a matter of medical doctor attention), you can try to request "Off-Hours Osteopathic Care". Depending on the circumstances, your inquiry will be considered. Booking is not guaranteed for that kind of service.