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About the Method

What is it about? What to expect? Which type of treatment is right for choose?
(Hopefully this information will help you to make more conscious choice in order to properly address treatment goals in your healing journey)

All these questions are absolutely reasonable and very important, especially for the new clients, who are supposed to get a first experience, as the first impression is a sort of initiation and entrance gate to the healing process, and sometimes, to the new reevaluation of past experiences and self. 
How correctly (as well as "successfully", because the treatment is a halfway - technique, and halfway - art) would you choose the starting point to join in a healing journey will depend on а success of the entire process.
There are a few main concepts our clinic offers to the clients to reach their goals:
1. Wellness osteopathy,  Relaxation massage 

2. Therapeutic osteopathic, Remedial massage 

3. Psychosomatic osteopathy, Psychosomatic therapy 

With that being said, it's very important to understand the main idea, purpose and mechanism for each of the concepts, in order to properly address your treatment goal and choose the right way to your healing journey. 
It's important to say that for all types of treatment -the practitioner usually is none other than an assistant, mediator, connector, link element or transmitter between the client and the healing power, electromagnetic frequency, or modality of Nature which is available or resonates and complementary to the client in the moment of the session. 
1. The Wellness concept of healing is based on the holistic approach and is useful if you have no major issues with your body, emotions, life, or traumas and you have enough energy, time, motivation and understanding for self-maintenance and you are in a good shape, and health condition. This type of treatment implies pretty gentle, fluent, soft bodywork in close conjunction with energetic aspects with a lot of body intuition involved. It could be a very effective treatment if the body is advanced enough to be tuned with energy levels. Also, this type of work could be almost useless if the body is not ready yet and needs some preliminary treatment and care to heal, relax, unblock, fulfilled with energy first to become open to unite with the energy of nature and space. 

2. The Therapeutic concept is based on the idea of body dysfunction or functional block, when the body, being structurally intact, can't function properly and needs healing. 
This type of healing involves more intense treatment and could be pretty sensitive, painful during the session (as clients like to say, could cause a "pain, but good pain") and in most cases pretty sore, and sensitive after the treatment, due to the close contact with the dysfunctional areas, involvement of adaptation and re-adaptation mechanisms to the healing process, body transformation and cleaning after treatment. It is very important for the client to be aware of these effects and post-effects of the therapeutic type of healing as this period of body transformation could cause really deep feelings of body changes, and could feel uncomfortable, especially for people who are not familiar with that type of treatment. This type of treatment is definitely indicated for people with any type of dysfunctions, when regular types of massage, and other treatment modalities could have low effect or have very limited and temporary impact.

3. The psychosomatic concept is a healing on the deep, could even say causal level, and it has to be chosen very cautiously and carefully, as it doesn't fit everyone. There are multiple reasons,  at least because it needs a deep understanding of mechanisms and processes in the body with the ability to recognize in close collaboration and full awareness of everything that arises in the body during the healing process and the ability to be open to new experiences (which could be deeply forgotten or unknown so far) for yourself and towards the transformative changes which could be really deep. 
The client could remember and re-experience again the pain, sense, and feeling, caused by the situation, which initiated the current dysfunction. It could be really intense, so both therapist and client have to be very careful, responsive, open-minded, conscious, collaborative and ready to step back when necessary while using this method. The client is encouraged to openly express, not inhibit and fully reflect the self-body experience initiated by the healing process in order to reach the mostly full and effective recovery of the healing experience. 
This type of therapy is usually indicated for individuals who tried a lot of approaches and could not find any solution, who finally found themself in a conceptual crisis, who didn't know what the best treatment to choose, and who try hard to heal from stress, traumas, consequences of past events, long term dysfunction, conflicts, dysregulations, and who are ready to go through deep transformation and open to pretty intense healing experience. Usually this type of treatment deals with reconnection to the traumatic factor, trigger or event, which caused this dysfunction. That's why this level of causal, as it heals the reason for the dysfunction inside of the body. This type of treatment is definitely the most effective and intense, but it is not for everyone and clients could face any sort of difficulties, self-resistance, and transformational effects both during and after the treatment which, they were not expecting or ready. Although the psychosomatic type of treatment is not a panacea, it is important to conclude that, regardless of all associated difficulties, this type of treatment is a very effective method in helping with long-term problems, stress, and dysfunctions in the body and with careful and collaborative use, could be a problem-solving approach in situations which couldn't be resolved for years.

Table 1. Main characteristics and differences of Welllness, Therapiutic and Psychosomatic treatment concepts:

Main Treatment Concepts (Wellness, Theraputic, Psychosomatic)_edited.jpg

Visual representation of treatment effect for different treatment modalities
(E - treatment effect, T - time, Tx - during the treatment 


Pic.1 Wellness Modality:
- usually feels nice and relaxing during the treatment 

- doesnt break through the tissue resistance

- enchance energy and vitality along with the generating of the calmness and quetness during the session
- has short post-tretment efficiency for 1-2 days before get back to the same level
- usually dont change general health and condition
- doesnt affect the dysfuntions, and doesnt initiate involution of dysfuntion
- good for maintenece and prevention

Pic.2 Therapiutic Modality:
- could feels sensitive, or with the feeling of the "good pain" or "releasing discomfort" 

- breaks through the tissue resistance
- generates the feeling of elaboration and involvement at the problem area
- has long post-tretment efficiency for 1-2 weeks before get back to the same level
- usually makes the condition worse after the session, initiating the body tranformation, with the further  improvement, making the general health and condition better than before treatment
- affects the dysfuntions, and initiate involution of dysfuntion
- good for treatment of dysfunctions

Pic.3 Psychosomatic Modality:
- could feels very sensitive, emotional, with the flashbacks to the past events, memories, sesnsations, ideas.
- breaks through the tissue resistance, works with "energy cycts", irritates the problem areas in order to re-experience the cause tof the dysfunction and heal it naturally and properly
- generates the feeling of deep complex internal work involving different personality levels, could lead to  realization of causes of the dysfunction
- has long to constant post-tretment efficiency from 1-2 months to complete change and healing of the dysfunction
- usually makes the condition worse during the session, and after the session, initiating the deep body healing transformation after re-experincing the cause of the dysfunction, with the further improvement, making the general health and condition better than before treatment
- affects the dysfuntions, and initiate the aggravation of the dysfuntion with the further involution of the fysfunction and finnaly healing
- good for treatment of long term stress, traumas, medically unexplained symptoms 

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