- You can book an appointment online using the link to check availability and book in.
After you requested the appointment date, you will receive the first email with pending confirmation.
After you will receive the second email with confirmation, if you are the new client, please push the blue button in this email "Complete intake form" and complete intake form. After that you all set for the appointment and it's considered finally booked.

The link:

Address: 2151 Portage ave, Winnipeg

- In the case of some issues, you can contact us directly to book an appointment, using:

e-mail: winnipegosteopathy@gmail.com
text: 2046982997
Calls at this number: 2046982997 are temporary not served, due to the lack of the administrator position at the moment. So please TEXT or EMAIL your requests. Thank you for understanding. Your requests will be answered as soon as possible.
Please note, that appointment considered scheduled just after confirmation. 
Make sure you agreed and aware of the Cancellation Policy beforehand: https://www.manual-osteopathy.com/cancellationpolicy

Manual Osteopathy is a great help on the way to a healthy lifestyle, prevention of diseases and to feel your body free. The sessions do not consist of the rough and sharp movements, but rather follow the natural rhythms of the body, bioenergetics, and psyche, causing a sense of harmony and happiness. Manual osteopathy is not characterized by rapid results, but rather a persistent corrective effect, gradually freeing the body from chronic (sometimes not visible) injuries. Manual osteopathy is a very delicate and profound work at different levels of the body with the goal of restoring health to the body or maintaining it at an optimal level.