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Osteopathy, Massage, Winnipeg, Home-Based Familiy Clinic, St. James, Polo Park

Dmitry Vasilyev, DOMP, RMO, RMT

  • Registered Manual Osteopath (RMO)

  • Osteopathic Manual Practitioner (DOMP)

  • Remedial Massage Therapist (RMT)

  • Psychosomatic Therapist

  • Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner

  • Background:  previously - MD, PhD, DO, DN


Dmitry has worked as a medical doctor and a physiatrist in hospitals and research centres in his home country for 20 years, intensively studying various aspects of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Psychosomatic Medicine, Family Medicine, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Manual therapy.  In 2004, Dmitry received his PhD degree in Rehabilitation Medicine. He received the Government Award for his research in the field of cluster analysis of morphofunctional signs of the state of the organism. 

Of particular interest to Dmitry is the synthesis of Eastern and Western medicine, and psychosomatics to enhance the beneficial effects of treatment and prevent the disorder's recurrence. After immigrating to Canada, he continued his studies in Osteopathy (National Academy of Osteopathy, Toronto), Naprapathy (NUMSS, USA), Psychosomatic therapy (Australia, Canada, USA). Currently, Dmitry practices as a manual osteopathic practitioner and remedial massage therapist in Canada.

Osteopathy, Massage, Therapy, Winnipeg
Osteopathy, Osteopath, Massage, Winnipeg, Treatment, Therapy,  near me, appointment, available


If you have pain, manual osteopathy could help. Manual osteopathy is recognized as a great treatment for chronic pain. According to the research of Texas University, 50% of people with chronic back pain fully recover within six osteopathic treatments.

Manual Osteopathy

Osteopathy, Massage, Winnipeg
When do you need it?

Health is a great human value. A healthy person can live a full life and enjoy its benefits. Health cannot be bought for money. But you can use money wisely by investing it in your health. When you can feel some alarming signs in your body like:
- pain
- stress
- muscle tension
- back pain
- body discomfort
- chronic fatigue
- digestive problems
- headaches
- insomnia

- digestive problems
These signs could be an indication that the organism cannot cope with the stress of life. Your body is asking for help. Not paying attention to these physical requests could lead to depletion of functional reserves, which can cause disease. Alternative medicine is remarkable by contributing to the prevention of disease. Manual osteopathy is a great opportunity and a wonderful, gentle and intelligent way of taking care of your health. Manual osteopathy considers the body from a holistic viewpoint. All manifestations of the body (thoughts, emotions, etc.) are not accidental - everything in the body is connected. Everything matters. Your manual osteopath carefully searches for critical points, parts and places in your body to restore your body's health.

Osteopathy, Massage, Winnipeg, children, Mother, Adults
What does it help for?

It is very difficult to maintain a healthy body in the modern world. As the old saying goes: "The world is always full of problems." Too many things need to be done at one time and all of them are urgent. Too much information needs to be remembered in order to stay afloat. You need to constantly pay bills, earn money, be in demand at work, educate children, re-educate yourself, prepare food, mow the lawn! All of these are our problems and no one will solve them for us. Eventually, too many problems accumulate and the body reacts to all this. When the body gets overwhelmed, dysfunction or disease can set in. It is often very difficult for a person to "unravel" complex life situations.


Manual osteopathy can help you to balance and recharge your body and mind.

Osteopathy, Massage, Winnipeg, Relax, Stress
Osteopathy as prevention

Even if you feel balanced, full of health and strength there is a more reason to visit your manual osteopath. Our work is very delicate and profound on different levels of the body with the goal of restoring health to the body or maintaining it at an optimal level.


Manual Osteopathy is an excellent preventative treatment for people who want to be healthy and prefer not to get sick.
Perhaps this is the most reasonable and wise decision regarding your health. It is a holistic approach and a healthy lifestyle. In this case, regular visits to the manual osteopath on a monthly basis are recommended.

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