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Often question: "I am in acute pain. Could you help?"

Updated: Jun 11

Very often question: "I am in acute pain - could you help?"

Short answer: "Yes. It's possible."

But you have to understand how that works or doesn't 

The harder the disease, the older it is, and the longer the treatment. The are no miracles in therapy. The more acute your condition is, the further it is from the healthy state or balance point you are at the moment, and so the more intense and prolonged treatment it needs. I have never met anyone who could treat serious acute or chronic dysfunctions with "one touch". "He/She made just a few light strokes and my huge problem had gone". If you asking can I do this? No, I can't. Some people still believe in miracles, in particular, that osteopathy makes miracles. From my understanding, it isn't possible, because it doesn't correspond with the physiological and biophysical laws. If you know such a specialist please share the contacts - I would love to be the client. So the miracle is possible just in case if the wonderful work has been done. 

So! If you come with an acute, or prolonged chronic condition please realize that the healing way back to the healthy state would be accordingly long, intense and persistent. In the easy cases though, when the client cares about health, and has a well-maintained body there the quick-fix results are possible in some cases. For better understanding, you can imagine (like analogy): your body as a bank account, your health as a bank, you as a client of the bank and the practitioner as a banker. If you have a good credit score, a good job, you pay your bills regularly, you have some savings, and if you need some money one day, you come to your banker, and the bank will like you and trust you and could be very responsive on your request and approve it really fast. And vice versa, if you don't have a regular job, your bank account is usually close to zero, you are not good at paying bills and managing your budget, you have debts, and even worse you are close to bankruptcy.... Then in the same situation: if you need some money one day, and you come to your banker. What do you think your banker will tell you??? You know the answer, right? Why then people keep asking to resolve their serious health problems fast and easily??? It's not possible. And the first thing which could really help here - is a self-realization and self-acceptance of where you are, what are you dealing with, and where your health level or condition really is. Realistic expectations could be not so optimistic but they could bring real help and make real difference, maybe not so fast and easy, but step by step.

It's good to understand with analogy again: the dysfunctional mechanisms and treatment effect like a room with the door where the room is a dysfunction and the door is discomfort or pain which is a "cover", implementation of the dysfunction. So if you appear to be in the "room" which you don't like and you want to quit, you can use the same door you entered one day. This way to release the dysfunction and to heal it is usually related to the re-experiencing of discomfort, pain, traumatic feelings in order to recover and to feel better again. So if you entered through the door and you don't like it, quit it through that door.

So yes. Osteopathy or remedial massage definitely could help in cases when the cause is dysfunctional, not structural. Dysfunctional (means: spasm, hypertonicity, hypersensitivity, adhesions, inflammation, stress)Structural (means: fracture, dislocation, tear, deformation, damage, tissue/organ lesion, amputation)And the only way to check if it would work for you is to try it a few times, taking into consideration, that the more dysfunction is, the longer and harder the treatment is necessary, being ready to feel pain or experience the sensations which was associated with the particular dysfunction which would be addressed/contacted during the treatment. The general recommendations for the treatment sequence:

- acute dysfunction: osteopathy treatment/remedial massage 3-4 times a week, until it subsided.

- chronic condition: osteopathy treatment/remedial massage 1-2 times a month regular, monitoring overall health and therapeutic effects 

- some easy cases: osteopathy treatment/remedial massage 1 or a few times and wellness osteopathy/relaxation massage 1 time per week/month for maintenance 

- no problem, prevention approach (actually the best and finally wise and cheapest healthy lifestyle idea): wellness osteopathy/relaxation massage 1 time per week/month for maintenance

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