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                                                          I am open to New Projects

I am Dmitry Vasilyev, Doctor of Medicine, PhD, Doctor of Osteopathy, psychotherapist, psychosomatic practitioner, massage therapist who have been educated in many countries around the world with extensive experience in practice, mentoring, and research. Currently, I run a successful manual osteopathy business in Canada (

I am reaching out to progressive organizations, individuals, practitioners, professionals, collectives, teams, groups, clinics, institutions, and universities, with the intent of fostering collaboration. If you find resonance with any of the mentioned areas or have a project that aligns with my expertise, I am eager to connect and explore possibilities. For a detailed overview of my qualifications, please refer to my CV here (email:

I strongly believe in progress through constant renewal and development. As such, I am eager to explore new ideas, engage in discussions, and take on roles, jobs, or projects. My flexibility extends beyond local opportunities; I am open to considering distant, online work, or even relocation from Manitoba (another province, another country) if a project captivates my interest.

Areas of collaboration that I am open to include:

- Possible Job Positions and Roles:

  • Medical Doctor

  • Osteopath

  • Psychotherapist

  • Psychosomatic therapist, body-mind practitioner

  • Postgraduate Researcher

  • Medical advisor, counsellor

- Professional Interests:

Psychosomatic Medicine,
Psychosomatic Therapy,
Rehabilitation Medicine.

Project ideas:

Idea 1: Establishing a department of psychosomatic therapy and research at any university, aiming to conduct research, teach students, and provide clinical treatment for psychosomatic dysfunctions.

Idea 2: Establishing a Retreat Center of Natural Healing: focused on natural medicine, a healthy lifestyle, an open mind, and a self-awareness approach for people's rehabilitation.

Idea 3: Establishing a Research Practical Centre: focused on  historical aspects of International Ancient Medicine and Reviving of Forgotten Medicine, Treatments, Wisdom, Techniques, Teaching for Practice, and National Heritage

Conceptual Consulting of New Projects:

System analysis, conceptual planning, creative projects, and integrating new technologies.

Scientific Research Projects:

  • Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychology

  • Streets induced conditions and physical rehabilitation

  • Ultra-weak electromagnetic radiation of biological objects and their measurements, diagnostic and clinical significance

Countryside Osteopath:

Exploring opportunities to assist rural communities with a lack of osteopathic or psychosomatic therapy services.


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