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April 23 - Clinic will be closed. Book your last appointments (Donations are appreciated)

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

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It's time to say good bye. Our Winnipeg clinic will be closed soon. The April 23 is the last working day.

First of all, I want to say thank you to all my clients, and especially for the regular clients, who I have served for these 5 years. Now it's time for me to move on to a next step of my life.

As you remember I used to be a Doctor in my country of origin. Majority of my clients and friends, knowing my background, are usually asking for my consultation, and I am happy to help from the best of my knowledge. This way I realized one day, that I really can be way more beneficial and helpful for people using all my knowledge, skill set and background. I made a really brave but challenging choice for me and my family. I want to go back to school to try to be a Doctor again and to serve Canadian people using all my potential.

I suppose to take an accelerated Naturopathic Doctor program in Toronto. So the next 2 years would be a big challenge for me and my family, because it's really intense, time-consuming and expensive course, when I wouldn't have an extra time to got some job. So I am in need of some support today. I know it's not easy to give, but it's even harder to ask, believe me.

The reason why I really need a help today, that I got a really good support from the bank and they would cover the most part of my tuition and educational expenses, but the hardest part of it is I have to bring all my family with me, and I have not enough funds to cover the housing, transportation, food, cloth, and other living expenses for 2 years life in Toronto for my family (we are a family of 5: me, wife caring of 1,8 y.o. daughter, 2 sons of school age).

For those who wish to contribute and help in my challenging journey I created the account in the GoFundMe. So I would be grateful even for $1 of your help. I mean even $0 and wishes of a good luck would be a great support for me.

Here is the link:

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