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Breaking News!!! Office Relocation (New Address: 390 Queen St, Winnipeg)

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

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Breaking News!!!

1. Office Relocation. Starting December 1, the old office on 2151 Portage Ave will be closed. The new location would be a home-based business at the address: 390 Queen St, Winnipeg. All appointments for new and regular clients will be held there from December 1. If you already booked an appointment in December, you will probably be rebooked to a new clinic software with old prices

2. New Reflexologist. We are welcoming a new service (Reflexology), a new clinic practitioner and my wife: Anastasia Vasileva, RCRT. You can book an appointment with her and find the answers to all your questions at:

3. New booking link. We have changed our clinic software provider from ClinicSence to Noterro. There would be another booking link and another intake forms. Intake forms became more simple and universal (less required fields if you want to make it easier and more options to add for those who like the details). There would be booking different links for regular clients and for new clients. If you are a regular client, you maybe will be asked once to fill out the intake form again as a new client (just once, sorry for that, due to technical difficulties - the database can't be fully transferred). The best way to proceed, If you are a regular client please book initial appointment once as a new client and fill out the intake form. This way you will add yourself to a new database and can book as a regular again.

4. New Services. Depending on your treatment goals, you can now choose an appointment type: wellness or treatment. The wellness-focused sessions aim to relax, restore, energies, tune up, ease fatigue of a healthy body and are used for general wellness and maintenance. Treatment-focused sessions could involve more intense, local, deep, could cause therapiutic discomfort, pain, somatic release reactions, post treatment soreness, and have a therapeutic goal to assess, find and treat the body dysfunction, release chronic stress in the body, restore injury and trauma-related body changes, activate healing reaction and adaptation response.

5. New Prices. The discount period has gone and prices have changed (you will see a new price list). Now therapeutic modalities and wellness relaxation modalities will be charged differently, as therapeutic sessions are way more energy-wise and resource-wise consuming. Wellness (relaxation) modalities will be cheaper. There is also a new cheapest "Quick Fix" option. You can request a 15 min appointment (35$) by contacting the clinic directly (email,text) if you have some local, minor problem to fix passing by today.

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