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Canada Life do not cover manual osteopaths (DOMP) in Manitoba

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Friendly reminder for all our clients. Insurance company Canada Life (CL) do not cover our osteopathic service. FAQ: - "I have "Osteopath" in my insurance policy" - Osteopaths, as well as manual osteopaths are the members of professional associations. CL do not recognize any of Manitobian osteopathic associations. - "Which osteopathic associations CL do recognize in Manitoba?" - CL recognise two National osteopathic associations in Manitoba: Canadian Osteopathic Association (COA) and National Manual Osteopathic Society (NMOS). COA is an association for osteopathic physicians (there is only one Osteopath in Manitoba). NMOS is an association for manual osteopaths, which do not accept new members, graduates of National Academy of Osteopathy (NAO) already from 2018. So those manual osteopaths who joined NMOS before 2018 are covered by CL, rest of them are not. Also CL cover the members of Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners, practicing in Manitoba, but it's not applicable for NAO graduates. - "Are you licensed manual osteopath?" - Manual Osteopathy is not regulated in Canada, thus there are no licenced manual osteopaths in Canada. Just 50 osteopathic physicians are licensed in Canada because they are Medical Doctors (DO). - "Why CL do not recognize us?" - We don't know. We asked about it for many times with no reasonable explanation.So we can't explain why. CL the only one major insurance company who not recognize our service. Please address your questions directly to CL (The same with the NMOS). We can't answer why there is an osteopathy in your insurance policies, but you still not covered, and why Canada Life is not recognize our service. It is a policy of your insurer, so please address your questions directly to your insurer. We do our job. We charge money for our service as all other services. We provide receipts. We serve to people, to community health and people happy with our service provided.

We hope this information will help you to avoid any frustration, and prevent any misunderstanding. Be safe, stay healthy.

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