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Great News!!! (Massage service is available)

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

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Dear clients!

Great News!

- We are happy to announce a new service available at our clinic:

- Massage therapy (it is covered by most of insurances)

- Our clinic has changed the name:

Natural Health Holistic Rehabilitation Clinic "Valeology"

- Prices has changed:

Manual Osteopathy 55min: $140 +GST

Manual Osteopathy 25min: $76 +GST

Relaxation Massage Therapy 55 min: $95+GST

Remedial Massage Therapy 55 min: $120+GST

Relaxation Massage Therapy 25 min: $76+GST

- As you requested, there are more new appointments available:

Manual Osteopathy:

Wed: 10am,11am

Thur: 5pm,6pm,7pm

Fri: 5pm,6pm,7pm

Sat: 10am,11am,12pm

Sun: 10am,11am,12pm


Thur: 10am,11am

Fri: 10am,11am

Sat: 1pm

Sun: 1pm

You can book Massage appointment, as well as Osteopathic appointment, following the booking link as usual:

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