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Lunch time massage 30 mins - $50

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Book and come at lunch time to relax in the middle of the working day

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There is a lot of stress falling down on people's shoulders (and other parts of the body) last time nowadays. It's hard to keep working, to keep moving, to keep smiling depending on the situation. We decided to offer you lunch time massage (classical Swedish relaxation massage) to ease your body and improve your well-being during the working day. Just 30 minutes of Classic Swedish relaxation massage 1-2-3 times a week could make a difference and make your working time more effective, or more smooth, or more fast, depending on the goal. 30 minutes is not much, but it could be a basic full body or focused on a problem zone session.

We are located in the St.James area of Winnipeg (2151 Portage ave). If you are situated to work close to our clinic, or you live in the area, the 30 mins lunch time massage could suit for you.

Book it right here following the link (by appointment only)

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