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Morden Osteopathy

Announcing manual osteopathy sessions in Morden on Fridays (Saturdays in Wintertime from December)

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I am happy to announce the new service for my manual osteopathy patients in Morden, which I usually attend on Fridays or on Saturdays in Wintertime (Saturdays starts from December). The office located at 459 Stephen St., Morden, MB. It's a big pleasure and honor for me to serve and try to help people in such a friendly community.

- To make my service more convenient for people I was created my personal business page just for Morden patients "Morden Osteopathy"

Now it is very easy to book your appointment online, using this page, at your convenient time by yourself. (This service is available by appointment only, an appointment should be agreed and approved).

- Also, you can join the same name FB group "Morden Osteopathy" to be updated with all, news, events, changes, promotions in my manual osteopathic service in Morden.

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