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Sorry. False start.

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

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Dear clients

I have some good and bad news:

1. I'm not going to Toronto

2. Our clinic will keep working as always

The reason is as simple as I do have not enough funds to provide 2 years of living and studying in Toronto.

The moment of farewell was touching though. I thank you all for your kind words. Now it will be even nicer to work with you.

Sorry for the extra stress in these stressful times.

You can keep booking your regular appointments.

You will be able to see some discounts booking in March:

Manual Osteopathy: 55 min - 115

Manual Osteopathy: 25 min - 70

Remedial massage: 55 min - 95

Remedial massage: 25 min - 60

Relaxation massage: 55 min - 85

Relaxation massage: 25 min - 50

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