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                                              Morden Osteopathy again 😀🤲


Hello, dear Morden people, community and my previous clients. I am happy to announce the resumption of my Morden Osteopathy project (,  which I suspended 5 years ago (2019) when my dear friend and colleague Florian Lassnig came back to Morden from his Canarian Island Journey.

Regeneration of the Osteopathy and Therapeutic Massage services, and (Reflexology +Thai, Yoga massage - which my Wife Anastasiia does is planned for the summer of 2024.

We would be happy to start as soon as possible, but there are a few factors to consider, that affecting the implementation of the project: 
- We have to find and buy a house in Morden for our family with a therapeutic office
- My oldest son is in the last grade of high school, so he plans to graduate in June 2024
- My wife (our Reflexologist and Thai Massage practitioner) is pregnant - so it makes the moving process a little more complicated
- I have my regular clients in Winnipeg who really need my service continuation, so I am thinking about how to continue serving them.

But despite all the nuances, we are optimistic about the upcoming changes and hope to restart the Morden Osteopathy project in summer 2024.


Another good news: we (me and wife) can now offer a very effective and ancient healing technique of Thai Yoga Massage:



In the meantime, we want to offer you to join the waiting list, to be able to receive the notification as soon as the booking is opened. Please follow the steps below:

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