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Pay less when you young or preventive self-care and healthy life style.

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

I have a lot of heartbreaking requests pretty regular from people asking:

- If you can help my 90 yo parent who feels so sick, weak and in a lot of pain? Everyone refused, but can you help?

- If you can help my 55 yo husband who has a heavy physical job and now in a lot of soreness and pain? Everyone refused, but can you help?

- If you can help my 45 yo wife who has very stressful work and life and now in a lot of muscle tension and pain? Everyone refused, but can you help?

Please believe me, I really want to help, even if everyone refused.

Also I want to be absolutely honest with you and educate about how natural treatments (e.g. manual hands-on therapy as well) work.

Manual treatments activate your body potential in your tissues, cells, fluids, nerves, etc, toward a healthy state. If there is a lot of that potential and the body is ready to be healthy again, the treatment would be dramatically intense, fast, effective and cheap, if the body potential is already exhausted, spent, insufficient, then the treatment would be longer, more painful, less effective, and much more expensive.

It's the only non commercial truth, and it's scientifically proven.

No one can help the one who already spent almost all health potential and now is in a lot of pain, soreness, tension and stress, right away. Even if there are some specialists who can, it will be long, expensive, hard, time-consuming process, where all the dysfunctions and pain will be the first response to the treatment. It will need a lot of patience and willpower from both sides.

So, requesting such kind of help regarding you or your close relatives, friends, please consider all this information above and be ready for it. In that case there are no any easy and fast solutions.

I want to ask everyone who read it and who trust 25 years of experience:

Educate your children, young relatives, friends to begin a preventive self-care and healthy lifestyle right away, before they even have any problem. Because our bodies used to recognize the problem when the problem is actually really big.

If it would be easier with the example from your life, you are welcome: you asking insurance agent to get a quote for health insurance at the age of 60. How much does it cost? Crazy expensive right?

But if you will be proactive and start the same insurance in your 20s, it will cost you a few dollars a month. Right? The same here in natural treatment and health.

Please be proactive, a preventive approach to health is not a fake. It is maybe the only truth that exists.

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